About Me

    Photography is about more than a pretty picture and a few dollars. It's about attitude. It is about the empowerment the viewer feels through the subject’s facial expressions and body language.  

     My goal is to produce commercial images while creating an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. The way I make this happen is, first and foremost, making the model(s) feel comfortable. Being in front of the camera can be intimidating which is often a challenge. I take the time to build rapport with my client(s) to ensure their confidence is visible. I also pay attention to details like the environment and composition. I also watch how the clothes fall and where the hair hits the face as well as looking at seams, buttons, collars, jewelry, etc. By paying attention to the details, it brings everything together to help the model(s) feel comfortable, which in turn produces a beautiful image full of attitude, desire and empowerment.  

    I am working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in commercial photography at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I believe you must have challenges in order to better yourself and that is exactly what I strive to do. 

    I am located in Sulphur Springs. I am available for couples, families, seniors, events, therapeutic sessions, themed shoots, indoor/outdoor, statement projects, etc. Let me know how I can help you invest in yourself!


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